When one sees a patient in whom the intubation tube has been repeatedly

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the malarial parasites, despite their sexual maturity, fail to unite

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mixed with blood (as in hydrothorax occurring in a scorbutic sub-

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The Council met in annual session at the residence of the President,

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surrounding level. In an upward direction the enlargement

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neatness, purity, and generally attractive appearance of the exhibits.

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The Department has addressed the problem of physicians’

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preparation, the club end may stain blue and the filament red. Excep-

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with Sour Cream, Sirloin or Fillet, "Gulasch", Roast

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In the other group of methods some material guide is given

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Chauffard, M., on the etiology of exanthematic typhus 37

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liquor potassae, proves a more active and efficient agent.

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I next employ a much more powerful dilator, the blades of which

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not branch into so many of the calyces, but presented a long

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denoe with the improve nt in the edui nol the profess! and It would

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'adorned our Profession^ both in ancient and modern times,

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by restraining tissue metamorphosis, and for the same reason in Phthisis.

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part of the spine, they found on the last lumbar vertebra, and in the hollow of

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dead from plague, and in six weeks all had succumbed to that disease.

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cially because I would call attention to the fact, that puer-

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metallic feel, as if it were either a very hard stone,

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value to the existence of small abscesses surrounded by ecchymoses'

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chow did or did not consider the diy caries as spe-

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openings. The lower sutures were removed, and the wound

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For some time after the application of osmotic pressure measurements

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incorporated in September, 1870, as an institution for

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save the limb with no success, decides to amputate at the hip-

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predominates, this one, notwithstanding the extremes of temperature are

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animals, and I may note in this connexion that either faucial,

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1902) says that perineal prostatectomy is an operation which


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