Two did not answer; thirty-nine answered "no"; five had

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process of establishing its own computer program that will

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Tr. gamhiense, and Tr. equinum, are less virulent, causing a more

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covery after long treatment and a tedious convalescence.

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the passage of the Beresina, with its attendant hor-

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Feeding embryonated eggs of Heterakis papulosa to brooder chickens

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parations of iron, quinine, valerian, the ammonio-sulphate of copper, the

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Treatment: — But little has been accomplished in the

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for protective and curative power in man. In order to have a culture

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the rule, not the exception, to have these results. Massage-

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some of the ordinary pus-forming organisms in addition. Mixed

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army medical attendance cannot be procured is entitled, when nec-

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digestive action, remain undisturbed and uninjured by

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next thing is gently to move the screen itself until the shadow of the

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day I was lame nearly all over. Even this is passing off, and

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Dr. W. Rommelaere, fellow of the Royal Society of Medi-

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until the plaster has hardened. A Httle salt added to the water

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t amenable to safe and satisfactory cure during the first

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matter in a right shape), is the promotion of morals,

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an immorality, but, according to the most advanced medical thought, a

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or by rupture or injury of its blood-vessels. It is not easy to see how

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instance, in cases of measles, the temperature of the air is a

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science should be prohibited by law, and expressed the

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duced to fibrous cords; dilated hepatic duct and gall-

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and my native dressers were all that I could desire them to be.

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that the subject is open for discussion and that any physicians desirous of taking part in it

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passing a severe entrance examination, have a fixed military

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Treatment. — The only remedy for ridding the system of bots is

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ing tub three feet nine inches long. Each litre would then con-

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elevate the ribs and then applies pressure to the left

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and such might be likened to some of the pedestrians of the day, who, in


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