tion with the vein and keeping it in close contact with the artery

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covers the posterior surface of the iris; name that has

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afresh. Cicatrisation ultimately takes place, the scar being more or

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ing malarial fever, in which all the symptoms pointed

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first birthday. Mrs. Emily Everett, of Cambridge, has

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taneous inoculation^ with extensive phlegmonous inflammation. Two


night being the highest registered in August since 1893.

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sider every member of the profession as one of your own family, and having

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saw to slip to one side. Briefl}^ the author's method consists in an

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for forty days. Cardan, however, traced all the evil to a hot brain, and differed

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dogs and cats wherever he might apprehend them. The Council further decided

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the ligature. Resect the tumor and Hft up the stump by means

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ful of it for the other glass, with a table spoonful of sugar,

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Another object of the Association was stated to be, to se-

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grade dilatation by an opening through the stomacli,

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almost complete obstruction of the pylorus, and had probably extended

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when the eye is kept in the dark. The tint of the detached retina

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mixture into the vessel, taking care always that the

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in a living thing which sharply separates it from its sur-

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fresh livers of codfish. Used chiefly in tuberculosis.

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slightly coated, but showing redness and enlargement of the

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tended ventricle must occasionally depend upon this

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and especially by its utter insolubility when digested with dilute

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yet it must be admitted that this is the weakest place in our en-


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