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ly as filth, want of ventilation and a low situation, favor its prevalence and
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involved, and still more prominent, when the greater part of the
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disease ; while in adults, this is of very rare occurrence. But we
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more powerful than statutes, when inforced by the Perabolani, a body
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street, dragging his slow length along by the aid of stick and crutch,
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order of talent. The first is the annual address, by Prof. Daniel Brainard,
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nature chooses uniformity, and thus no new machinery
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commonly as " lavers." These plants multiply by binary sub-
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Of the 9 cases of cancer of the breast, 2 have died, 4 have suffered a notable
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an independent journal, and embued with the spirit of progress — the
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to drive you into a six months residence, in each year, at Ann
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to be enlarged, and the epididymis participating in the swelling.
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the ignorance as well as presumption of its author in presuming to teach any
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of u well curbing " falling from the top of the well. The
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it to spread out laterally. Its weight was six lbs.avoirdupois.
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orbit in the sphenoidal fissure ; among these grave
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siology of disease f But such is the whole of our recent views of
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relieves by its action on the nerves of the general system all sense of pain.
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and for which he and his school have no remedy,? To look down a child's
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was taken, this time in a frontal plane, which showed
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in inspiration, the vein " — the external jugular vein — " emp-
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ligature. In one instance of a gentleman — a most valuable life —
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tion, the head of the bone could be indistinctly felt moving on the
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men can appreciate how shameful it would have been for us to thrust such
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rather torpid, a laxative was advised, which acted, in the course
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happen in most cases, it becomes liable to changes, whilst
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Henri Erni, A. M., M. D., Chemistry and Toxicology.
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incission may sometimes be advantageously made into the crieo-thyroid
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they not, in fact, have necessarily come to the same general con-
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that it is the great centre of a series of actions in the animal
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Memphis Medical College. We regret to learn that ill-health is assigned
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this wise : place a bed-bug on the back of your hand, allow it
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it remained for eight months, producing intense pain and repeated attacks
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efforts at delivery were abandoned as useless and unwarranted.
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peculiar to itself; hence, if the materials of nutrition are im-
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puncture of one of these organs. In such cases sometimes the animal is


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