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covered with the laryngscope, Avhen an aneurysm of the innominate or of

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festations. The patient may complain of disorders of the alimentary

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work of Mrs. Evans and to the effort and self-sacrifice on the

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Eskridge^ has briefly summarized this subject as follows:

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(7) Wounds causing direct or indirect perforative lesions of the

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dulla, and runs on either side of the neck in the sheath of the carotid

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noma is inevitably fatal, and children succumb more quickly than adults.

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clonic movements may be observed in many cases, it may be of the facial

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be made of more use or interest, such suggestions will be gratefully

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epithelium (the parenchyma), but the inflammatory exudate (serum, leu-

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Aspiration must be performed if either hydro-thorax, hydro-pericardium,

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fear, sleeplessness, mental confusion, melancholy, slovenliness, and moral

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a solution of hydrochloric acid, are all great factors in causing

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if present in chronic renal disease, with concurrent symptoms of high

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in dealing with many acute septic manifestations within the peri-

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sible. Arsenic and mercury are useless, but the hypodermic injection

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''Diseases such as pneumonia, influenza, whooping cough, trachoma,

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gangrene, or carbuncle. The attack sets in with headache, delirium,

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Internal hemorrhagic pachymeningitis or hematoma of the

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has been ruptured by straining. The relative tricuspid insufficiency,

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as Bright's disease, carcinoma, syphilis, chronic malaria. (A) Chylous


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