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In the College Journal for Feb. we had occasion to say in
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time an offer was received by the Chief Surgeon from the French
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tions of narcotics and essential oils have been advised but the one
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poisons engendered within the economy. In all such cases the pneumonia
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many other cases the respiration may be very rapid without a
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considerably improved in health. His cough and expectoration
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the Society why those members who reside there.should
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self and Dr. Sowers on this subject. Ligation of the aorta
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was certainly intereBted and ihey seemed to be how much correct in
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speak salute his colors and pledge himself anew to their service.
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phalitis and meningitis have not nnfrequently been treated as a single
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relation of cancer to economic condition Is the cancer rate
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Differential Diagnosis. The diagnosis of dilatation of the heart rests
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ness because the demand for his instruments was too lim
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be considered presently. In other cases the lungs are reached less directly.
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sis did not diminish the action of milk any more than it had
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that of sixty seven cases of epilepsy observed by himself the firsl Bymptoma
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ing in our office there are several matters I wish to comment
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the extermination of same should they already exist.
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five pounds and the one described by De Claubry weighed
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practitioner in his study of these diseases at the bedside
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hemicrania he secured relief after two or three days treatment by
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again soon become flexed. He retained some power of movement in the upper
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cooked rice is given. The most eft ective cathartic
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In a case of apparently non malignant papillary cyst both
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was some difficulty in bringing out the word in some cases the speech
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men who followed their advice in Egypt escaped the disease and
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character of some of the symptoms for example hemiansesthesia with
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This spectrum is characterized by an absorption band between
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protoplasm a non vesicular nucleus or nuclei generally eccentrically placed
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mouths of the Rhone. Annates de Gyttecotogie Decem
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At the end of a day or two the bouillon is generally
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The enunciation made by Mayo about two hundred years
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outer genitalia i.e. the skin does not seem a sufficient reason for
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mon cloves nutmeg of each i oz. Place them in a well tinned
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feeling of inward satisfaction by Dr. Muir that he has
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and followed by an injection of plain boiled water.
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The causes modify the character and extenit of the stricture.
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time out of tlie way and tamponed the trachea around it to
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proper prominence both as ajtiological factors and as therapeu


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