processes in the muscular shortening and rigidity which fol

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Diminution of expansion at one apex is of great sig

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extension outward rotation and abduction are impossible.

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In these two cases an eruption of tubercles occurred

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pendent upon or associated with anomalies of secretion

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ing becomes impossible. Mauener who reports this says that in

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coarsely granular in broth its slight growth in the bottom

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While the ingestion of excessive quantities of fluid

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described by Neusser in and regarded by him as practically pathogno

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have been vaccinated more or less efficiently escaping with a few spots

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of the trophoderm is more or less unrestricted its enzymes are

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conclusion that in them the pain arises from motions in the

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all commune and from whom we must ohtain absolution and tint

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Two methods may be used for obtaining more accm ate results.

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which seems to me the most reasonable Supposition is

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dishpnesl men thoroughly deserving of the contempl into which they have

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noticed to be wrong until quite recently and it has been con

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his friends fearing that he might again have to encounter the

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secretary of the Medical Society of the State of New York in

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rible bacteria micrococci etc while saving a patient

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The exogeneous source of uric acid is from foods containing

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number of the Journal recording a series of favorable results

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No more nails should be used than are absolutely neces

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vision over both preliminarv and premedical education and medical education

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clusion that other factors besides the element of dust have to be

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has been found only in a comparatively small number of cases these cases

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Read before the American Laryngological Association May

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Examination Auriclea normal astsraal auditory caoab

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observed when the patient was extremely anxious about his condi

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administration of laxatives to assist the elimination of urea

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epidemic. The Royal Commission on Vaccination then sitting caused a

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week ending April th corresponded to an annual rate of in

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destruction recognize it as a living being until it

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