we shall be able to remove micro-organisms entirely from our food, but at

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of drunkenness, to fall rapidly into all the physical and moral miseries which

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others. You have successfully brought ail the principles of pharmaceutical science to bear upon

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ingestion of grain impregnated with virus has also been followed

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vegetable to the animal world ; thence, as it creeps,

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upon, the surgeon has a distinct advantage in knowing the size of the

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examples of the same affection. They presented themselves as attacks

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is drawn into the enlarged vessels, and stasis is pre-

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or not it was isolated. The spots of the graft turned bright yellow

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softened and 25 more injections with mechanical treatment and passive

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In Case II., the paternal grandfather, and in Case III. the great-

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before admission, at which time she was told she had asthma. She

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municated to that paper the following account of what is

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makes progress. The third stage is that of absorption

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Impaction of the stomach occasionally takes place, caused by

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in warfare, was the explosion of the magazines of gunpowder

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fifth or sixth day. In one case, a multipara, in whose

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in the proportional numbers of shot wounds of the upper and

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Ventilation by propulsion is considered more satisfactory

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cines are prepared for administration, render a study of the incompatible combinations

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notice" for some weeks. A fourth "did not notice at the time of head-

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scrit)ed. We need hardly dwell upon this portion of the essay, further

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gangrene. While this usually occurs in the legs there are some instances in

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accidentally ruptured or cut tendon. If this operation

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Laramie, May 16, 1894 (No. 19) ; at various other times.

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themselves, are supported b}^ the fact that in New Zealand, Iceland, Nor-

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sound, and studying the movements of a polarised needle placed outside.

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cumstances of ancestral life." He is opposed to Listerism, and,

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their quantity or quality; select those, if any are needed, which

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