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beginning of Industrial Democracy; it is not the whole thing yet.
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instead of increasing active hypersemia and reparative processes, or
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the divided vessel:^ are within immediate reach and in a posi-
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the patients were withdrawn from the influence of the per-
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favourable terms, but says that the uplands of the adjoining colony
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being gradually withdrawn as injection is made, and the paraffin
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polypoid — and there is excess of mucopus in the nose. The antra
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wherever traces of it can be discovered as a distinct anatomical struc-
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This guide to the new British Pharmacopeia, intended for the pharmaceutical chemist
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likened by the patient to the gnawing of a mouse near the bone,
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whatever may have been the velocity it started with, it becomes
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without antecedent or present symptoms other than those due to its
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a tonic, as this had been discontinued in my absence.
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after thorough steaming, it grows in the deeper layers even when the air has
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it having been established beyond question that moderate exercise
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Read before the Gynecological Society of Boston, May 14, 1896.
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tion and have been correlated with coronary arteriography to
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zymogenic in consequence of their analogies to fermentative processes — are
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dose of half a gramme to a gramme — enough in fact
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vantages in point of numerical assistance, cannot be expected to
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and even when the patient is perhaps actually consuming less
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of the portal vein, returned chiefly from the abdominal alimen-
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Excellent chapters are given upon bronchiectasis, asthma, and upon
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granulations for grafting might form. Pursuing this line of treat-
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located, a circular band completely occluding small in-
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log. 0.062 plus log. 4.8451 equals 4.9071, which is the log of
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children were bodily ill. although the series includes but three
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ria, but in much smaller number than when the cotton
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good to show the structure of bone, and must be free
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unwonted places, and remain in them sometimes with remark-
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surface was necessary to produce this darker colouring.
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ticable and Meltzer then made use of his own oesoph-


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