If such institutions were at all adapted to the cure of in-

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Frequent in the mountains at 8,000-9.000 ft. Specimens from

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structure of most serotypes has been determined. The toxins

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Food to a hungry man fortifies his life ; love to a lorn man enlarges it ;

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1926. Kaufman, Isadore, M.D., Associate in Medicine, University

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the connective tissue between them), from the substance of the spleen,

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was present in the staphylococcus and M. catarrhalis cases, while in

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the real ; he endeavours to utilize existing buildings, and

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interest at the Brigham since 1947, when a kidney from a

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straining force it becomes part of the fulcrum, pro-

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adequately expressed. The chapter on other recent injuries is also not

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sels that were originally concealed by them become visible once

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most common lesions; it is found especially in the severe cases of short

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She took a two weeks vacation in August, at which time she had a bad

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are passengers, touched at Madeira on November 8th,

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of erythema and urticaria rather than to the papular, squamous, and

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strongly developed in the right eye, though the patient complained of

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Some of the leesoDs which the cases related by Mr. Hnlke teach are : —

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over that portion of the sclerotic to which it is hoped it will adhere. The eye

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Professor of Abdomiiul uid Pelvic Surgery In the UnWeruty of Louierille,

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into the bronchi the part containing air will be clear, the dark line

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right eye, and hears the watch in right ear at twelve

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DRGs are certainly the showcase of New Jersey’s reim-

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" maining in the ftomach, the os pubis is opened as

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by the accidental discharge of shot into the left forearm. Now the

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opposed by the great sciatic ligament and other liga-

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with his regiment on its removal to Bengal, and was detained in

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Why are ^such beasts as often go together for generation 'very

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have been bloody discharges from the boweb during the

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knuckle ol jfirst finger against left side of one below,

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gave a detailed list of cases operated upon since January 1st, 1884,

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When the tissues become edematous, as they not unfrequently

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patients, a select panel of perhaps 20 or 30 peptides might

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series of fifty cases. It is pointed out, however, that relapse


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