syphilitic affections, 544 ; difficulty in deglutition,

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evidences of slight hemorrhages, but not a very old

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much dwelt upon by writers on this subject. It was first, I believe,

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shown signs of illness for a few days. There was no local lesion. On both hind

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because, being not totally unfit, they are to a certain extent unfit, and

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Bupture was apprehended. The diagnosis between retroversion and a descent of an ovarian

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case of the above successfully treated by suture of the separated

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estate of Li Ming, is used for scholarship purposes.

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of morphia, or five milligrammes [5 seventieths of a grain] of

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rests in the amount of coloring matter, whose chemical

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and susceptibility, the mouth of the womb may act sluggishly, and in

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blood by means of the far famed preparations of iron a

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aw :y, lest by its longer tarrying it should draw away the

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On takmg my medicine, as soon as he began to be warm,

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Massachusetts Volunteers, (colored), followed in eight

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untiring in his efforts towards securing some adequate provision for

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far more important than science and diagnosis, the sub-

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paralytics. The mucous surfaces were avoided owing to the recognised

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except on two days, when it rose to loii". For more

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synchronous cancers of the colon and rectum. However,

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maintain respiration. If the oxygen was stopped for a few minutes respiration

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irritant capable of producing inflammatory action of a kind likely to be

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