ment in girls, will, in a great measure, account for the pre-
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February 23rd, 1918. Of additional value is the treatise on "The Origin of Disease",
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died in 36 hours, he found a new species of bacterium, shaped like a figure of 8,
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pressure, it is easy to understand why skin and muscle
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which had been so long and universally employed, he
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for so long a period that they seemed impregnable against
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lysis, although rarely it may be by crisis as in two of this series (Fig. 3).
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infection. In Hungary I am told that one common cause of rin-
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loses, shows the presentation and perhaps position of the fetus in utero,
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with very littie water. The jelly is spiced and flavoui-ed
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for the instinct of craftsmanship — the urge of creation — and for
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muscnlar system will be affected by such a condition ^ its contractions
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The cause assigned for the attack is the smell of oil, along with
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that they would at times clash most disastrously. A mother's
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wouna was external to the right nipple. Now, if it is assnmed
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monic complaints were milder, and the intermittents had
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If any sinuses form, they are to be laid open. Quinine and iron,
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scarlet fever. In the first case, the infant, a year old, was taken
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enlightened jiublic opinion. In a d«-li(;htful a/ldre«a
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which looks at first sight very simple and correct, is
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aged 20 she weighed 11 st., but before the operation her weight had
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second day. As the dilatation progresses the period of
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BLANC. "Advice to Intending Visitors to Cannes." By H. Blanc, M.D. London :
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The obliterative clots, contain a great quantity of thready molecular
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suture is placed on either side of each spinous process to hold


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