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any reasonable doubt. Although the last two writers might dis-
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almost any hour of the day and on almost any street urinating or
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ing. Boil well together, strain through a fine hair sieve, taking
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wound. If not extracted, under the circumstances named, simple
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rectum visibly pathologically changed over a surface of about three
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and kept over I have used bovinine for several years
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which is found in a great part of Sahara. It is nourishing, like the man-
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tation is kept up and propagated. Then if the obstruction con-
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fact that many of the cases had resisted all the ordinary
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Pennsylvania ; Spencer C. Devan, M.D., of Missouri :
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in form and feeding capacity, that the Poland China,
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permanent Provincial Sanitary Board, or board of health, to which
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Conference for the purpose of raising a bar- population of the Presidency,
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were incorrect or incomplete. In those instances, accord-
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In the following pages I shall lay before the profession the par-
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four different parties,, representing as many families, what we
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without speaking. One of the most celebrated of these ascetics,
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In the right iliac fossa, however, close to the pelvic brim and seem-
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leading therefore to a diminution in body weight; and that lysine ap-
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usually follows after no long interval. Death may be ushered in with
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black and others of chocolate color. The white of the Qgg is not
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the burned places, spread on cotton or linen rags, for a few
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that a careful tactile and symptomatic diagnosis would reveal the existence of
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that reflex arc has an extension upwards to the cortex, which makes possible
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before he was aware that Velpeau had expressed similar opinions and ob-
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While on every hand the keenest interest is manifested in


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