and that rest was imperatively demanded. At the same
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Sir In compliance with your request I have the honor
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operation and that from a generally congested mucosa which may
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toward the end of the first week slight transient delirium develops
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author of the paper and in that of others tliat great
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cribes to the fact that bacteria which give rise to
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or crystals of the oxalate of calcium. Occasionally round cells and red
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The conclusions to which our author has come are as
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important means of differentiating bacterial species.
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ward and lateral fiexibility of the spinal column and
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present instance but which have been reported as being
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rarely persists beyond the second day in favorable cases. Constipation is the
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plication does not render the termination necessarily fatal. Patients
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by the failure of any students to enroll for the full course
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exist without enlargement of the gland the central part being made up of
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The disc A cry of the alkaline principles of bark promises td
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experience with this disease will realize what a great help it
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vegetable life a condition which evidently does not enter
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appointed a committee to draw up resolutions on the death
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such remedies as are calculated to meet the most urgent
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tric point. From original mixtures of proteins precipitation may
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in horses after intravenous injection of toxic quantities of
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The condition of the heart itself is too variable to be of any
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the cadaver was probably referable to the continuous insufficiency of
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the proper violets V. tricolor and V. odorata the ionidi
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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine in University College London.
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these cases is elaborated from the one suggested by Dr.
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point out the dilhculty of niviking an absolute diagnosis and call
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that the question of the conduct of The ournalis not
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one half inches. Ergot was administered in doses of four grains
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dical malpractice insurance in Mississippi. Give us a call at
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no vomiting. At request of patient cc. of anti icteroides serum brought from
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Directed to proceed to Mobile Ala. for the purpose of
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in induration of the submucous tissues accompanied by
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subject he had worked in good earnest at the system in accordance
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so far as he knew harm had never been shown to have resulted
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integument presents an icteric hue which differs from the saffron yellow


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