which nearly all the fingers and toes and the nose and ears were involved,
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' Military Gymnastics of the French,' by A. Steinmetz, Lieut. Queen's
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The particular manner in which he choose to exhibit his al-
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an abatement of these phenomena, and the disease will as-
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cellent writer, and although their value was greater
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is much more marked than in vitiligo, and cannot be
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dealing with this condition — and some indeed, as Heine,
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placed from six to ten inches from the part, gives the most prompt
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outlet is into the funnel end of the crush, which they readily
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spinal sclerosis, and in a case of hysteria in the male,
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This attracts attention, and is usually supposed to indicate the existence of
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tervals of three or four days, till we obtain a smooth, even, suppurating
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he presented three years ago to the Society of Biology,
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the stem; if not, they should be dilated first, by means of compressed
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the Inspector, the isolation of the diseased, the prohibition of all move-
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semi-circular in shape; namely, the blind, internal,
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she complained of pain in her stomach after food, and likewise
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The patient is timid, excitable, averse to tobacco and dogs, and,
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staff teachers as wise and almost infallible, and to
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Shortly after the discovery of Galvanism, (1186,) it was employed
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ered it will keep warm until fed out. It is made as thick
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strength, and that he moved about with less fatigue. He suffered no
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two groups but may be unsafe in the group composed of
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Then stepped down and out, without wrangle or fuss,
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there may be remarkable house epi<lcmi(.H of cerebro-
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Wounds with so-called hydraulic pressure.— Among wounds


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