there is a complete obstruction or a very small lumen

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be too carefully read and studied by any one, and espe-

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dead from plague, and in six weeks all had succumbed to that disease.

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that the average mortality had not changed materially,

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eight o'clock, free from headache and thirst ; bowels

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us all ; but seldom admitted by many. Poisoning by careless ad-

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The main difference between neural and muscular paralysis, in regard to the

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one of the same side should be held up, as, by this means, the ani-

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excessive stimulation by these same reagents rapidly

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from any other disease. If examined at this period,

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this country, to whom he accords the credit of having greatly

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fistula in the groin. In November, 1908, he was first examined by me, and I

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fever has considerably subsided, from three-quarters to one and

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To a pint of this add salt and pepper and two tablespoonsful of

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me Upon the sufoject, and said that he had applied to Dr.

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suppository is probably the most efficacious form for the admin-

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of course, destined to be sold as they were, for the most part sepa-

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House of Commons ; the multiplication of public meet-

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of conferring immunity only from that disease which is caused by this organ-

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May 1 3- 1 5 — 26th Annual Advances and Controversies in Clinical Pediat-

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Florida ; a royal potentate had the essay printed in

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bly also some portion of the small intestine. (Figs. 12 and 13.) In

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MEDICAL PROPERTIES— Antiseptic, Antizimotic, Bactericide, Deodorant,

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1 68 Cirrhosis of the Liver in a Girl of Eleven Years,

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in regard to the mechanical (carbon and hemosiderin deposits), infec-

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NuNN, F.R.C.S., Demonstrator of Anatomy and Lecturer on PaUiology at the Mid-

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* I may refer to my own table of 1,827 cases, collected with great care, among

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as to whether there was one or two, or whether the contents of

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Ward by their lioer-ility, all our fchemes for pro-

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and if so, do they disappear when you lie down, or protrude worse


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