all knowledge for their province. At Edinburgh, as appears from a report by

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their foliage, and left me nothing for inspection but roots and

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Let the community fully comprehend that the oxygen in

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bone to be sure of opening the tendon sheath. The wound must be

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quence of our DNA were printed out, it would require the

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is used in the sense of disease, it may, like other

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Corporal A. H., wounded by shrapnel, July 30, 1916, was admitted to

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Some of the great Belgian and English draught horses reach 18

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Staphylococcus epidermidis alhus. In the second rank, as regards both

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or below or to either side of the face, can be made out. Although the in-

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of their Function, St, Louis Cour, Med. 1882. VIII, p, 398,

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appendages is to be used only in iiio])erable cases, or as a post-operative

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The following is the programme of the Third Congress of the Associa-

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with additional objections, so that when we even find a case of

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is suppressed. From each side, an assistant places one hand in the

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cystotomy, and is not a serious one, in the absence of already

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tion. The patients describe a peculiar sensation aris-

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cavity lined by peritoneum, and then on through a very narrow mouth into the

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< Iften the most worth! iss Imitations, the veriest pastes of empiricism, pass cur-

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minate without the intervention of any tendinous material.

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cles, cavities ; also the optic nerves in their passage from the brain

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ferment. This digestion takes place in spite of the presence of the

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pirate squadron ; and on the second occasion witnessed

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after my examination, and was quite feeble for several weeks. Aft^

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combined to establish the triumph which has undoubtedly

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little more than a stain upon it. IJoth the drawing and

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found, except here and there a slight enlargement of Peyer's

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(No. 505). A form with several large spikes was obtained in

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this country, we can at least see to it that our shoes do not cause injury

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To relieve hypertension and spasm of the stomach, in addition to

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perature of the baths. Quinine in large doses is tolerated in all

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stooping ; — yet the legs seemed to be hauled forwards ; and as the foot was

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