of the soldier on war service become contaminated with all manner of
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The entire household had gathered about the sufferer,
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rectum is not protruding too far. Alwa} r s be careful in injecting that
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Case 4 (Med. No. 5297).— A. L. E. ; white, male, aged 48 years.
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great majority of them far surpass the other sex in retaining their
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axis of the birth canal. Axis-traction is possible, however, with the
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and is undoubtedly the intermediary in many infective exam-
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the text is all but faultless, and the illustrations clear and remarkably
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dition a short rotation in the utilization of dental auxiliaries of two
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Female, aged 29 years (Eiselsberg: Wien. med. Woch., 1895).
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the delicate intestine and cause severe pain and inflammation.
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of the activities of gland cells. Interesting corroboration of this conclusion
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ment that he has successfully isolated the bacillus
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symptom was belching. The gastric condition improved under treatment. He
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cles, I will merely say that in my own practice, I have made
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rarely a movable spleen has been observed in connection with
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Nightmares cured % Hypnotism. — A nineteen-year-old soldier
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poisoned with it, and during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
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f It may be worlh while to note here IhM this discorecj of Wohlec Ihoogh
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lubstancea, or of materials similar to them in medicinal nature,
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Sex. — Of 614 patients only 121 were females. The greater liability
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buildings. Such equipment should be installed in a separate incom-
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and no trace whatever of the past bone affection could be
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the muscles of the fingers first, then of the hand and fore-
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nimiber of cases mucocele or chronic inflammation of the lacrimal sac is


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