3. Never make a perfunctory examination or give a hasty
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tinues to be a source of danger for an indefinite period. As
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was so extensive, that amputation was at once decided and agreed
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noticed to be sick at night or in the day time. Dogs are gen.
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culosis, its nature and treatment. The conclusion was
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IIIIIUHIIIItlll Illllllllllll Illlllllt Ill till I II I III I III I III llll I Ill I I II III 1 tilt 1 Ill llll MM 1 1 Ml III 1 1 Ill II I III MM I MM I Ml
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ranks of medical journalism has ventured to predict that
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A list of each year's graduates should be published in the school
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(1.) Stomach Staggers. — This is an attack of acute
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pressure-atrophy ; in other words, there is the chance that the stitches
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Friend Coates : — I perceive by the last number of
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nutty root of the Adrue. Cyperus, CI. 3 or 1. Triandria
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ment, since, as I have mentioned, he "^ives but two in-
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moist linseed or mustard poultices over the cardiac region, and to
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know what the disease is like. Such hysterical people become
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The following statement in a letter dated Sept. 16, 1828, from his attending
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coexisting, and in some such it is most difficult to pronounce with
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and simple fare, repairs at reasonable hours to bed,
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monia. He believes the mortality depends upon the age, the social
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retention at that time recurring but once a week ; and
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tities I have sometimes given, from the fear that the
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Hysterical Painjollowing Injury to the Median Nerve (Causalgia).
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administration of Mr. Cass, in IS30, although its necessity was frequently
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Berliner klinische IVochetischrift, to the association
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that the cerebro-spinal fluid in cases of this sort was under pressure,
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causes, and this must be looked upon with apprehension.
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to follow when a diabetic patient experiences some nervous shock, all
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2. Folwell, W. W. : History of Minnesota, 1:45, 1921.
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eight, in which the contents were found to be of a mucoid char-


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