veins and in keeping them there. But the impetus given to intra-

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attended Mr. G. during his iUness. His reply will show

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the various camps and outposts; to the lack of storehouses; to the

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factory evidence of the existence of ulceration of the os uteri, as if actually

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neuridine, neurine, choline, and one apparently identical with muscarine,

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tient, the subject of the pictures, is sick, and cannot leave the

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longed from four to six days. Then follows the stage of scal-

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where desired to put the dangers of these diseases fairly before the

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cells comj)lex. The fact that sometimes there is no

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diclofenac potasico es lo mismo que cataflam

Subsequently, Mr. Cushman presented a specimen of Iodide of Mercury, made by

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doses of antitetanic serum, three more followed at an enormous

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During both terms the text-book work is illustrated

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In recording their experience of a clinical study of seventy-

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Died. — Dr. Frank A. Palmer (A. M. C, 1882) died at his home in

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patient should be taught to relax his muscles completely.

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accomplishes its good results. The proportion of carbolic acid there

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1 O. Schultze. Untersucbungen ueber die Reifung und Befruch-

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to a walking case of typhoid fever in the camp, the patient having handled

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gonorrhoea of the cervix and thin cervical discharge. The reaction of the

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for 1860. Indeed, it would seem that the only change /iccomplifhed

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or two blood cultures in each case of pneumonia. The taking of re-

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stopped, and the expulsive faculty weak, the menses must

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tween this disease and leucocythsBmia is completely explained.

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of production. Some of the slighter defects are apt to show themselves

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degree as they had been when the spherical bullets were used.

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arily confined in jail. But in the Dejiartment of the


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