portant aid, and this was illustrated in a case recently under
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was telegraphed for, but, before he could reach San Remo,
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bility of its ever being brought into general use for military pur-
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the iskin, of the mouth, of the nose, of the intestine, and of the vagina. Thus,
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adjoining room : whilst her breathing (some two hundred in the minute)
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had ever done so. Seven of the nine house officers (78%)
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the Hospital Corps of the United States Army are incor-
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functioning of the kidneys and their secretory activity (the quantity of urine
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Louis Gilfillian, d.m.d., Clinical Instructor in Oral Surgery.
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nic the rib braced against the thigh aids in fixing the
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in only a single instance. In the later stages he believes that opacities in the
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of the fresh blood, both for malaria and for leucocyto-
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on the part of workmen. By this indifference and ignorance,
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Lead, Copioer, or Iron may be present in water. The
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deformity of features which they often leave behind them. Such
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of his life, industriously and fiuthfuUy pursued, was
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both hands is bad — the right is colder than the left — the
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" Gentleman's Magazine." "Belgravia." " Chemist and Druggist." "Health." "Sani-
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observed their diseases ; the art of curing them has been left to men
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call the attention of said witnesses to the position and appearance of
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liver, after it is emptied of blood, aod separated from the rest of the
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The peritoneal investment is rarely affected, however serious the
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Dr. Bicknell reported a case of Hernia, in which, after re-
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North, Joseph Howard L. I. Hosp. Coll., '73 Goshen.
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persons, was appointed in 1879 to take cognizance of the interests of
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ratio of intermittents is 24, and that of remittents is 11, per cent of the


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