same is found even for ordinary foods. In febrile conditions,
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per cent.); of 28 acute gangrene, 20 recovered (71.4 per cent.), 2 improved
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The symptoms of onset in the majority of cases are sudden and pro-
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let a patient go on taking iron indefinitely, as the system becomes habituated
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theory for and against which, however, something may be said.
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On July 19, 1914, this patient was brought into the service after an epileptic
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Paxas. [Prof., clin. ophthalmol., Faeulte denied., Paris.]
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1. Whipple, G. H., and Cooke, J. V., /. Exp. Med., 1917, xxv, 461.
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Dr. Ezra Dyer, whose death on February 9th, has just been
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possess anything like hock action, are liable to 'over-reach.'
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we have read, and therefore it is hoped that these few pages may be
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the history of gonorrhoea ought to have been learned
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Ovariotomy. — Dr. Armstrong showed the Fallopian tubes
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treated without a knowledge of the histology', anat-
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The aggravated rupial syphilis of the older writers is now very
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It is interesting to record that we found the omentum capable of
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and bring to the profession not only better intellects, but
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fants and children is aware of the fact that the mode of feeding has
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probability the existence of renal abscesses in connection with
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is usually complete in a week or ten days, although in severe cases it may be
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right eye, and hears the watch in right ear at twelve
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was no tumor to be excised, but a false membrane was
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In giving his opinion in favor of reversal, Justice


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