as set forth by him, he knows of no " certain and practical" means of escape.

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the ground on the attempt to raise and advance the foot. This is a

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cataflam early pregnancy

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is employed. A female should be kept in the instructor's chair dur-

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The most important conditions under which leukocytosis occurs may be

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tion, upon the ocean of false science, until they are

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jective sounds are of various kinds, and may depend on various causes : —

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Soc. London, 1896, vol. xlvii. p. 29. 20. Ltem, 1883, vol. xxxiv. p. 66.

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the urethral orifice. The removed portion consisted mainly of the

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absence or profound disturbance of speech, but the pa-

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congestion, iridochoroiditis, bringing about the soften-

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At the end of five days he began to pass some urine by

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the lower jaw was imperfectly developed. Speech was somewhat muffled, but

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brother informed me. The case was simply a kind of colic,

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The syringe and needle should be sterilized by boiling in two-per-

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lent commotion from the original impulse of the projectile acting

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ne?.iiy 20 years in perfect health. There can be no reason to suppose

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on an average of from three or four months prior to the final examina-

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31,819 births, 12,216 marriages, and 37,330 deaths in

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cerning an instrument designed to facilitate interstitial injections of

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even fatal, and that practitioners called to attend a pregnant

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Why are ^such beasts as often go together for generation 'very

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juvenile type of the patient. Palpation of the abdomen revealed the

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So he came to use the stauung at first 7 to 12 hours daily, gradually

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wandering through the tissues. This discovery gave rise to the theory of

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lection or the hearing of vowels or words evokes the


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