of mountains, and every one was being fed on oat-hay cut from

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^ Marchiafava, E., and Bignami, A., Malaria, in Stedman, T. L., Twentieth

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of vaccinating in individual instances ; if those vaccinated

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ued indefinitely. Stopping heparin therapy for even a day may permit a new thrombosis to develop.

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to lay them before you. The fact has already been noticed, and

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strychnia and mix vomica ; setons, issues, or blisters, over the ver-

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possible risk of a too free intercourse with other members of his family

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of six hours. But I have since performed three experiments, in one of which the

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by Lebert, who demonstrated small, irregularly oval, granular

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sequence of copious effusion into all the serous cavities and of

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that there is an obstruction in the common bile duct

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symptoms. Swelling of the tongue develops rapidly, ac-

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details of the operation ; first, it was impossible to slit

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Pain, which in rare cases is never found, is in the majority of cases

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Howe was full of ideas new to this country, and his

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eyes. In rabies there is a wild unnatural look, the pupil of one

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Germany, hence I much doubt whether it would not be possible to


Indeed, such was the existing emergency that had been induced

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There are several other symptoms besides the crepitus, which usually attend

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yet the microscope affords a ready and satisfactory means by which this object may generally

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Dr. Conkey, of West Superior, read a paper on "The In-

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highly recommended, but my experience has been that where

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^ Benedict, S. R., and Osterbcrg, E., /. Biol. Chem., 1918, xxxiv, 195.


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