part of the wound from which a considerable quantity

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like wounds of the soft parts of the forearm leg or

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moment to practise that glorious lesson and ravishingly sweet

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health resorts the invalid who visits these places receives

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which affection they are entirely involuntary. They differ from

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question. Who can doubt the effect of certain agents

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the abdominal covering. This manipulation must be performed at

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temples with the hand or dampened muslin. Mixtures of menthol

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daily. He is unsocial never speaking unless addressed and even then

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been Professor of Materia Jledica at Queen s College

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bringing out the volumes. We trust American students

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those very common cases where the diet produces insufficient

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there has been any other discussion of this very im

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A point worthy of note is that this rigor generally occurs only

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produced is inconsiderable after the first twenty four hours. Within the

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Original Communications reports of interesting esses local newt of general interest

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postiu e affect him in this respect very sensibly. The respira

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period in a trucking company hub. The study included

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form a sensible image on the retina when both retinal

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weight of rabbit is fatal to the animal if injected into

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The case of malignant stricture there being virtually only the man being

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upon to read his paper entitled Glanders. The paper was

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blue then green and finally yellow. The layer of sulphuric


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