tiveness, the fairness of statement, and the elegance

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tongue to be bitten. The spasm of the lar3'nx and muscles of respiration,

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valvular lesions on that side, but more frequently from dilatation of the

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to the first letter of any word, readily dIscov<M' its meaning.

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ture round the middle of each hand, causing a distinct depres-

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ends of the ulna and radius. The mother states that the

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inner coat of the stomach are very rapidly digested in the stomach,

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protecting tlie patient against drafts by covering the face as well as the

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Chart 1 Showing the differences in the amount of non-protein nitrogen in

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2 Section tangential to the surface of the organ of Corti, through the second

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hood of the scrotum are the most favourable ; for the skin is

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sometimes from the persistence of vomiting. Owing to the difficulty of

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some octavo volume of 656 olosely-printed pages. Extra cloth, $4 50 ; leather, $5 50.

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organs. It is probable that recovery ma}^ take place in cases of fatty

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after spending the evening with his family, apparently' as well as usual.

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In conclusion it can be said that, in the mouse, the epithelimn

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interior of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion. Along

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true vasomotor reactions unless indeed the animals were deeply

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copies of some of the plates of Liebreich's admirable

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comparative relief, she sometimes threw her arms about rest-

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and are sometimes dependent more or less on urethral stricture. Ac-

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finally accomplished by means of a row of fine needles. M,

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after birth, when exterior mechanical agencies demand more

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than to smell, sight, or hearing, as may be at once shewn by

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ing on the melancholy steps by which it is attained, on the

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and belongs among the diagnostic symptoms of the disease. It was more

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Purgatives have been much emplo3^ed in this as in most other diseases.

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the efficacy of tartar emetic in ])roducing the first effect, we shall

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HOOD; being the Lumleian Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Physicians of Lon-

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ing expeditions by land and water. Notwithstanding it has been ren-

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varies greatly in different cases. It is difficult to determine the actual

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were ten or twelve attacks, the health otherwise being perfectly good.

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brane covering the pons Varolii, optic commissures, cerebellum, etc., and

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which should govern the use of this measure in the first stage of simple

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counted for by a censurable ignorance or neglect of these means.

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the blood. Clinical experience, however, has failed to furnish satisfac-

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bloody urine, after a wound or injury has been received in the region of

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capital diagnostic point relates to the central depression of the umbili-

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dividing stage so quickly. However, one can apply the geomet-

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fatally ; in five cases the recovery is known to have been complete ; in


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