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stools are expelled forcibly and with much flatulency ; were
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for her a more rapidly fatal course should she pass through
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during contraction as well as relaxation was irregular in outline. No
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" animal spirits," in excess of physical needs, and this energy,
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first form of our case makes to the acknowledged quartan of authors, is
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if we consider the past arboreal life of our forebears
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Gferln, J.L., Faust, R.M., and Holland, P.V.: Biophysical
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up of short longitudinal fibres variously interwoven with each other, and united
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but usually it is normal. The wall of the gall-bladder may be
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and the cases there seen by physicians or in the clinics by students, are in
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depends greatly, no doubt, on the mode of life of the individual ; the
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told him that the disease of sheep known as "braxy" de-
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and since it is responsible for one-tenth of all the deaths and about
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disease depending on secondary degeneration of the heart, associated with
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clamped. The other sutures are passed in the same way, the
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cases were still occurring in fair numbers, had to give practically un-
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son, who is adjunct Professor. He has no talent for
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tion caused by the acid, but chiefly, according to Leich-
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Dr. V. P. Gibney has been elected Professor of Clini-
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admits, that they may not all have the same pathology, and some
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Dr. Cecil, who has very kindly loaned the writer some of his lantern
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high lymphocyte count, there was muscular tremor, the eyes were
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quent — 120; complains of great prostration; frequent sighing.
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of Dr. von Donhoffs strictures upon the inutility of the
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use force where force is necessary. The tactful man seldom has to use
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with the gases disengaged from stagnant water. Boussingault "de-
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Fountain Society, $2,000 each, and the Pennsylvania Society for
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Dr. John L. Hervey, Martin's Ferry, has been appointed
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Bone. — Leber (Ibid.) reports a case of this kind, found in an
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the birth of the child, and nine weeks before the opera-
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nutritive and the sensitive ; while the perceptive and instinctive
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would suggest the separation was brought about in the course of version
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described by Heberden and Abercrombie, and is affirmed to have been
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at the most gentle manipulation. Menstruation was ir-
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the common desire to promote homoeopathic therapeutics, medical and
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the using up of a certain amount of his total available accommoda-
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distinct meaning and place in medical literature. If
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