The request in the first instance for a hospital area to be decided on

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that the sense of audition departs. This fallacy is

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neck and great attention be paid to the stomach and bowels.

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cholera, yellow fever, typhoid fever, typhus fever,

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Erlenmeyer flask. A IMohr's burrette was filled with

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vations have been made in the books which I cannot neglect to notice.

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which get into the windpipe usually lodge in this bronchus.

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ber 10, 1877, sustained a transverse fracture of the

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pose at Fort Defiance, Arizona, initiates this movement. Pupils

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to limit the supply of blood to the limb by making pressure upon

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Other points which the author advances in proof of his theory are: 1. The

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5. Clinical Surgery (Central Free Dispensary). — Including bandaging, sur-

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pus contained in ovarian abscesses as being highly virulent, and the

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benefit of young physicians, a sort of ' How to Get Along in Practice,'

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efficient male catheter from a piece of wire bent double on itself,

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tees having been received, it was decided to postpone the

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children and adults is remarkably resistant to colonization by

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"6155 Dujardin-Beaumetz, Q. .Le9ons de clinique thera-

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withdrawn from microscopic criticism. But the cornea, even better

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reserved for rarer occasions. What is the object in view in

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pressure finally responded to treatment and upon discharge

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the uterus, showing the results of electrical treatment. Dr. Bell

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as suppuration does not take place. On the other hand, how-

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keep flannel so long in contact with the human body without shifting,

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and do more general harm than good to the sick. The exercise

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ce shrinking of the remnant of the polyp. But it was

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and our paper with marked indifference : and we have, from various

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been placed for a hundred extra base hospital tables without

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palpable and still are. Wassermann's reaction was positive. Since


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