cation and wealth. Its editor would all the lime be on

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the seat of fresh infection. Little or no disfigurement follows this

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part of the pharynx, &c., and perhaps causes painful or difficult

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appreciated. The spurious diarrhoea as well as the acute symptoms are

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pear in from seven to twenty-six weeks, whereas the other, called epicritic,

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actively engaged in the treatment of children. All such are invited to

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thirst, and more suicides than despair." Leisure is a brilliant and

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at the elbow and noting the effects as to pain or parasthesia in the distribu-

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present, as indicated by thirst, dryness of the skin,

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ever attended. I never saw such suffering — such asking for help where

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very precarious, she was brought to the foot of the bed at about 4 o'clock, A.

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antikamnia tablet, thus enabling the patient to supply him-

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sion of the abdominal wall may elicit an abnormal line of

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dissection; hereafter removal of the entire tonsil complete

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pounds of the latter were excised, and it was only by suspending

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band, or its rapid healing without suppuration, and hard,

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among those whose mothers were born in Ireland (257 . 5) ; in Hungary and

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ground. Into such a corpse the point of a spear, consisting of

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of a myelitis co-existing with the cerebral alterations) ; two other

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town of Toboso, seen three or four miles off across


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