in what way it acts, that is no more than can be said of several
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of a source of discomfort, is the thing to aim at. To this,
prednisone veterinary side effects
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the knee, across and up behind the knee to the inner condyle. Now
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the study of medicine, and graduating with high honors from
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venture to occupy your time briefly, not with a discus-
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cent.), next on the first (twenty-four per cent.), and finally on the
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tiou oi th(^ tin cone tor the old cutT cone the amount
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number of fibers held together by connective tissue, and collected
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culous that they ever should have been able to have pro-
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yet obtained in the use of elastic medicated plasters,
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graphs upon special themes, and which are of much interest and impor-
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cine (these cultures have been kept up for several years in his
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ing that an irritation upon a very limited part of the spine pro-
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deaths for January, including the late returns of the previous months:
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It is known that many persons are affected congenitally with blind-
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letter. Address j OHN p. MORTON & COMPANY, Louisville, Ky.
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effect on a child's vitality. The heat also prompts the growth
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All this is clearly understood, and needs no further com-
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sei|ting an animal or other object. These, singly or asso-
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definite diminution of the urea nitrogen of the blood at "toxicity" in
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classified returns with which military surgeons have to deal ; and
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one of the surgeons for " carcinoma " of the mamma, I have not
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after pains of parturition, nothing I have ever used is so sure to
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under two years, 268 under five years old, and 292 of
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absolute diagnosis of chancroid without first searching for the organism
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first saw her she was suffering excessive pain in the abdomen,


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