cramp will give way. Dashing cold water against the
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to Gintrac's tables the percentage of cases increases with each decade
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Society of New Jersey Student Association concerning the
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the drug in only one case, affording evidence that these doses of
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who otherwise must inevitably be lost. With these advantages there are
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retired to the country, where he busied himself in scientific studies,
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arm, in the elbow joint, for nearly four years. The
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metropia. It is aggravated by reading with insufficient light. It
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Lancisi's friend Anel was a disputatious, bumptious, assertive
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seven years. The examinations were apparently to be partly written and partly
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curred are given in the folloAving table. By neAvcomers Ave mean
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slight a distance on all sides of the tumor. The history of the case
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fluid injected escapes through the drainage-tube ; repeat until
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dictates of the Pharmacopeia. The first United States Pharma-
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and dark blue or purple flowered; the other, repeatedly observed,
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Some specific statement in this regard ought to be included in
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lication in America. Address Robt. W., Business Manager.
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progress of the labour, delivery may be accomplished, when it
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14. Feinstein AR, Gelfman NA, Vesner R: The diverse effects of
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certain organs, for th6 treatment of certain diseases,
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the specimen after hardening showing an almost entire
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pearl barley, I qt. of white stock, the yoke of one egg, I gill of
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the cure is only apparent. In alcoholic patients as
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virtue, and no man will embrace it; or it is ordained by na-
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cumstances of ancestral life." He is opposed to Listerism, and,
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months, which was followed by hydrocephalus and the
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license and inspection in the case of orphanages or private homes
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a more or less complete paralysis of the muscles of the
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that its effects on the composition of the blood should be care-
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again. But the horse that has slow work or is standing much while out,
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diMtmaOj whon long continued, the patient or his friends


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