higher pitch still the characters of the mouth as a resonance
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myoides instead of being spread in a sheet over the tumor was
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Cooper Sir Astley s lectures by Tyrel Do. on Dislocations
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diseases are classified on a rational basis into those of established
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of purification before it can be used. For one sample of
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manner in which the epidemic dealt its first blows. It would have been
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contrasted with its usefulness after successful amputation when there has
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Dr. Steinbach his family attendant to whom I now again sent him agreed.
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must be made removing a small piece of muscle by means of
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tibia and at the seat of the former operation there was
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ordinary typhoid fever. It produces v ithin the gall ducts
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most important therapeutic factor against periods of depression is occupation
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were removed the Madder thoroughly irrigated stitch
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drivers. The ambulance men are physicians medical stu
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The case had an uninterrupted course towards recovery. The
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is much more active than is usually supposed. It must therefore be steadily
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fine that the use of the former is scientific and intelligent
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The Case of a Jlfan nvlio died in consequence cf Disease. occasioned hy
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acknowledge as special virtues its simplicity and cleanliness as
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stricture long ago suggested and employed in this country but
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percussion the splenic dulness is not enlarged so it is probably safe
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of catering to the commercial spirit and entering stu
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the antrum is interfered with by granulations epithelial debris
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bility of complete recovery is much stronger. Nardisk Medi
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ment. In cases of infantile paralysis especially great and irreparable
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growths of the epiglottis and larynx the voice becomes croaking and
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spittle of perhaps a phthisical tobacco worker. Lastly
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vant qualifications and that membership in any group
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cult if not from that of the classical archasologist.
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patient is conscious or unconscious rational or irrational depressed
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turbance of the health. If any symptoms occur they are indigestion


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