^ 1 his diforder (the jail-diftisinper) is incident tQ

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most cases, however, of unilateral lesion of the corpora quadrigemina, with

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are termed musccB volitantes ; to the appearance of which, as seen by the eye of the

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incompetent persons, but that "every one should choose his own

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with the antiseptic solution and one drop of a solution

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articulate language; or, as is much more frequently the case,

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a Symptom of Simple Ulcer of the Stomach. — It may be absent in this

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20. Pepper JHP: Trichinosis. So J Med Surg 94:415-418, 1932.

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working in the woods, a snag had entered the antero-lateral

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fluous mercury. The insides of globes are coated with

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"Sheep: Principal Breeds. Brief Discussion Relative to

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Two months after the operation, when the chances of

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pustules: andthebrests of the nurses and mother being looked on, were eroded

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much as hearts from normal animals of the same litter. The administra-

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vaccinated/' so it is not surprising that a large number of the

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local pain or tenderness, heat or redness, with no rise of tempera-

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shown us how, without pain, to handle a patient with

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muscle in the training for certain games has resulted disastrously.

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of Clinic and Instructor in Ophthalmology, College of Phy-

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ing the period of active growth or as a terminal alteration. The con-

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treating lung diseases, viz: the inhalation of atomized medi-


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in a few days, by pain extending upwards along its course, and

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quired. The abdominal wound must be closed in the ordina-

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state with franked tags for forwarding sample beets to

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cases, however, recovered. Not only this, but there

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the cells are found filled up with red solid matter, which appears to

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to feed.' It is not sufficient to know that certain substances

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condition of the patient should be investigated. Any dys-


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