presenting much hardness and compactness, comparatively little vasca-
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grains. In the evening pulse ninety-two, skin cool,
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of complete obliteration. In the lymph-spaces the globi of
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Shriufotye of 'firm , typiml Cheddar cheese (type I) aired at different temperatures.
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without knowing what he is taking it for. Tell him, if he
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So far, the generic term bacteria has been employed to indicate the
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*^* This instruction may be taken prior to the date of registration as a dental
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alkaline, and contains a few pus-cells, transitional epithelial cells, and red
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still differ in opinion on this point. It would seem to be probable, if not
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and beans are the carbohydrates that contain the larg-
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Dr. Carl Weidner : We do have typhoid fever without ulceration,
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toms of disease have gone, the appetite is improved, and the anaemia, which
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the fluorescent screen was successful. Attempts at extraction^however failed on
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the gaping multitude, and ftil lefs with the anfwers fent to fome
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of which is great in C^ochin China, and which merits, the case was not digchnrged '' incurtihle.'' The result
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on the skin and the virus placed on the abraded surface. The incisions
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not even temporarily. Hence the excitation from the right hemisphere must be
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motor testing. The disadvantages of EOG include the in-
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recorded in the left axilla, while only on one occasion did the
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highest point of the left side of the diaphragm reached the
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177, figs. 1-7; (107), 15 aout, pp. 199-201, 2 figs. [W% W«.]
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may easily be applied. In Hatch's cases the heroin was always
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The sensory tract, or fillet, runs up just behind each peduncle. The red
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Election of Officers. — The following officers were
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same epidemic must also be considered when discussing
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out of the vagina, almost unopposed by physical obstruc-
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ated and good subject for injection, whose case was hopeless, or


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