Having been brought to the fittest condition possible, i.e., the

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abstracted 18 ounces of blood in full stream. His whole appearaace

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ing next year should take place at the Banff Springs, an idea

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outward to the left ; the action is increased and occasionally

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more potent with a longer duration of action than either

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colleagues are alluded to as having treated successfully, by cod-liver oil,

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dry towels to be placed next the body, except just at

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One circumstance (which I have so often mentioned to-day) must

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containing the larger blocnl-vessels and some unstri]xnl muscle

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lumbar puncture. In a recent number of this Journal, we referred to

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Ruptured Tubal Pregnaucy . — Dr. Bantock reported before

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puriform mass which can be expressed or scraped out. Each nodule is

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are indicated, how simple it is with Similac! You merely in-

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Townsend says that in the Hack Hay babi'-H he fin<U

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antirheumatic treatment, with injections of pilocarpine at night. Inci-

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nant in October of that same year. She suffered a recurrence in July, 1912,

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Yv*e have only begun a subject which could be beneficially extended. As

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Either vaseline or olive oil is good ; so is the cream first recommended

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tics. Believing at the beginning of our work that the lack of gastric

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Com ineiiibu Ions bestowed anon our Aspirators, by physicians familiar with the latest European

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present in toxins different degrees of toxicity as well as neutralizing

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of the slender filaments, ready to open when the pollen is ripe and

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Kesler became very enthusiastic over his ability to administer

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much individual and personal happiness, but even domestic happiness

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" De Omento Pinguine, alu^ Adiposis Ductibus; " and

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time. The total daily amount wiU depend upon the acuteness of the attack

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The ova in this case, while not so numerous as in the first, can be

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The pulse was slow — 52 per minute, and small. The respiration was

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to Sir James Paget belongs the merit of being the first to recognise the


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