Clearly, high blood pressure is an important risk factor in

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amounting perhaps to about one quart* From this time the

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ness to call attention to the organ. The spleen is also enlarged, and

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officer from the State of New York who is not a member

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is more frequently practiced than in any other. As generally administered,

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cheese. Its 290 pages are full of practical information put in a

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the ordinary instrument. Three dollars is amply sufficient

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Now why is it that when all the conditions for the production of

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criminal records, the prisoner's cell ? No, there is no need

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there known by the general term of distemper, which is

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and Bonney's Textbook of Gyncecological Surgery is announced

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I. — ^Diseases Having Specific or Special Prophylactic Measures 1

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ever the will means it implies at the lowest thyroid disease, and 33 per cent, are bon

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and laws enacted did not meet existing conditions. As

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to avoid an unseemly quarrel, a man that would be ashamed to

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in 1 case an exceedingly virulent form in pure culture. Both

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fresh air, suitable nourishment, and cleanliness ; but he is

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found on the nasal mucous membrane of healthy p)ersons. The presence of

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1 might have added, this penury is no novelty, since it may


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