occurred and pi-oved ftital ; a circumstance which served to dis-
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excised by a chain saw. The debris of bone and other tissues
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pubhshed in The Lancet. Von Recklinghausen led the 1
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introduce a piece of soap the size of a prune in "the
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of the two ventricles is supposed to feel the extra
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brought about by first removing the cartilage from the under surface
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Pellicular concretions appear upon one of the tonsils; often their
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extremities livid and cold, and the body covered by cold
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out the truth of the explanation of its cause. That
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give to her interlocutor a full account of the original occurrence, she
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sign and Brudzinski's reflex may be present, not only when the temper-
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the thought that they differ in tliis regard from the common herd. In most
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we think, has no superior in its proper field. It is trustworthy
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statement of eight hundred and eighty-seven cases of that
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Dr. J. B. S. Jackson asked, why the above case was described as one of
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It may be necessary to add a small dose of morphia to this
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evidence of an active proliferation-process. In the neuro-trophic muscular
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the outset, and it was some time before one felt that the case was really
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oughly competent to speak as to the merits of your Iron
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tradesmen's bills, but including all charges for tuition, board,
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toms ; another was a strong lunatic, who succumbed ioj
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of persons who gave no e^^dence of the disease. Persons coming into
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be evacuated under local anesthesia. Ochsner's starvation treat-
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have become contaminated with the discharges of cholera patients. It
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The purest water is absolutely devoid of taste and odor, but it is
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opium were given. When he was shown to us on February 5,
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parenchyma occur numerous from pea- to nut-sized nodules, the cut surface of which is
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stages of their disease frequently lead a most irregular life, yet the writer
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The second step was to remove foreign bodies from the
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are added to the injection. Hyoscin or scopolamin may also be
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147 — Dr. R. P. Beckwith, refund excess dues 2.00
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Some fats, of course, are better proteid-sparers than
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eighteen inches in front of me, and a moderator or gas-
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among the eggs at the posterior part of the abdomen.
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that spirit which they hold so sacred. But Dr. Reeve was not one
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four hours' collection is apparent when the figures for the daily
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indicates that the plan is legitimate and will benefit the
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from giving the saline several times during the day, or from using some
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only partially insensible. I held it comiiressed between
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The enumeration of these varieties of obstruction affords a


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