bladder due to the processes of the disease or from rupture of a suppurating

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there should be hourly records of the temperature, pulse and respiration,

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enous. This led to the suggestion that possibly the injection of heterog-

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appearance of albumin in the urine under the above circum-

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staphylococcus, the pneumococcus, the typhoid bacillus, the colon bacillus

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nerves may result. As to the simple absence or presence even of photophobia

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may occasionally appear. The pneumonia which complicates erysipelas,

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the urine, of which serum-albumin and serum-globulin are

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stage of the disease. When the patients are suffering pain the pupils are seen

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1. Superficial smearing upon the agar plate with a right-angled bent

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pneumococcus. In other cases, such as recorded by Councilman, the pneu-

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a few hours a small vesicle, which rapidly enlarges, forms in the centre of the

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When there are twitchings of the muscles, delirium and stupor, a hot pack or

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result is albuminuria. The same effect follows the similar

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was maintained during the course of the slight eruption.

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(2) It is not dependent upon a disease of the tissues of the

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the action of the toxin. Until recently decisive observations were lacking,

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Pye-Smith, 1903, mentions driving in the cold, blowing of

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mild saline cathartic, as sodium phosphate, 30 gr. (2 gm.) in half a tumbler of

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uninfected, inoculated at his own expense. He had only a country practi-

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portance and prognosis of albuminuria have been further

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strengthens the force of the argument, and illustrates the

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wash the area about the puncture with alcohol or ether. In practically all

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^Icterus is not uncommon. It is probably due to pressure on the duct from

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when cultivated artificially. These facts are particularly brought out when

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the air be frequently changed and the temperature kept low. The patient

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fever. His illness commenced with loss of power in the legs and sphincters,

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are probably carried in the blood to the skin, where the further development

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agar slants. The washed sputum is then transferred to the surface of this

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the accuracy of Tyson's statement that it would be unfair to

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after he has been put to bed, which is especially marked if he has been

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stratum lucidum in consequence of oedema: the limits of the cells are well

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in Figs. 10 and 11. The pulse rate usually increases and in some the

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Phlebitis. — The leg should be somewhat elevated and kept absolutely at


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