our author great praise ror his very painstaking and elaborate work. It is a per-

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doubted diminution in acidosis which occurs in diabetes when carbo-

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forced into the duodenum by the violent vomiting in the

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and microscopically, will fail to reveal unequivocal evidences of affec-

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coolness and gallantry under heavy artillery fire, working in an exposed position for forty-eight

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The judgments are given in the same manner as before. The

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it were, however, it is a very simple matter to find a plausible ex-

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tmt. On June 22, 1H9.'{, I •-xiimined tliiH patient, and

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Presence of Soluble Substance Derived from Pneumococcus in the Blood

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tion was not difficult. The pubic bones separated during

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the reason of the greater rapidity with which persons

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1920. Keating, Peter McCall, M.D., Chief of Surgical Dispen-

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femur was performed ; but the growth re-appeared in the stump, and the patient

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des Pneumokokkus, Arb. k. Gsndhtsamte., 1910. xxxiv, 293.

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paired respiration, it will be necessary to puncture the skin sur-

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as secondary ; but in a very few cases gross lesions have been found which may

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remedy coincide in assigning to it the position of an extremely efficient

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covering power, the permanence, nor the resistance of white lead to

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however, she had some febrile symptoms, and was subsequently painfully af-

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4. Occult blood in the stool (both by guaiac and ben-

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he supplemented his limited income by contributions of scientific-

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tent of the muscle indicates a residual edema. The high figure for

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4. LiVolsi VA, Merino MJ; Squamous cells in the human thyroid.j

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by Arthur Gamgee, M.D., F.R.S. 2. Nouveaux Elements de

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neatness, purity, and generally attractive appearance of the exhibits.

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