)wever. many instances of early arterio-sclerosis in which these

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oisoo have Iwen kept up. That at New York has supplied the troops in the

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Hall there might be much to be said, but I have already tres-

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atrophy of the gastric mucosa. The evidence of the nervous

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ulcero-gangrenous processes which can not be said to be

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tion the last fact on account of the close relationship

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his confreres. He has been a Doctor in Medicine and Surgery

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Kazan, whose bites are worse than those of the common species of

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lyn, R. L. Parsons, of Sing Sing, and J. Van Bibber, of

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intestinal ulcerations which occur in certain cases of tuberculosis, some-

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that the term has not been more generally associated witli the traumatic

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becomes more centered, corresponding to McBurney's point. This

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use of the forceps, and for misconduct in not having

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as an inherited morbid diathesis, a chronic debilitating disease, etc. There

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tween him and his teacher.-, to make him a part of his

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Sergeants who have served a year as such, or enlisted men of the

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ing by such substances in medico-legal practice, and the still greater

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times cleanliness of person and clothing. The example of clean school-

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degree. The carbolized air has the advantage of purity, and

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assistant surgeon during the Franco-German War, and

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The result is 618 clear days to 289 days of rain, in the twelve years, and

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tion that pellagra has been and is even now becoming more firmly estab-

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the interstitial tissue. The condition is usually bilateral, but is often

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ous material, like the power of some of the bacteria to give


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