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tion of the ventricle itself. But, as the blood passes outward, the
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of sixteen ounces, when he fainted. I then gave two
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hysterectomy. His description of the pelvic floor is brief but clear, and
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one-tenth the capital and at one-hundredth part of labor.
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of a pain in her right side, supposed to depend on chronic
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For those whose time is limited, but whg, wish. some
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has the power of selecting his time for changing transverse positions of the
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in association with this event. The watery fluid which Howed
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of fact in fever the skin will usually be found to be very dry. A
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gretted having such matters occur which would necessitate the
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meal, in persons in the enjoyment of perfect health, and who are
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untn ]\Iarch, when variable winds set in which last till about June, when
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Long not only confirmed our diagnosis, but pronounced a three months preg-
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disappearance of the blood, and its replacement in the heart and
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J. HE following case of fungus haematodes, occurred in the practice
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became pregnant, and during the pregnancy it di(J not show any dis-
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but the shock is useful in the long run. The many difficulties in
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patient care and management. But the glow of satisfaction was tempered by
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personal risk through failure. At Calais, on the other
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fuse, and since it is due to the opening up of vessels by the growth of a
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not bring about any improvement, and a few weeks before I saw him
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great depth of the muscular coverings, and the size and num-
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The nobler metals in a finely divided state, such as gold
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was for several weeks quite dry. After a time, however,
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sion; paresthesia of hands, arterial insufficiency, usually of the Raynaud type, thrombocyto-
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Perthes called the new disease Osteochondritis Deformans Ju-
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the subjects of cancerous and recurrent | if reckoned by years, is not the only thing
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trustee, and would therefore cost the state by so much less to administer.
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* " On Some of the Diseases of Women admitting of Surgical Treatment."
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before the operation ; one, two or three hours after the oil, com-


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