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Studies on Klebsiella pneumoniae passed through mice main-

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the secretions are, in a great measure, stopt excepting those

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known of the ages of sixty or seventy, that leaving work,

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made with a much smaller proportion of bark than the simple tincture,

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by the rich few, would be much increased. There is a luxury

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in poisonous doses it produced deep sleep, followed by death, without

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the air over the surface of the fermenting liquid, in a large brewers' vaL

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bottle containing it some iron filings, or a coil of iron wire, the other b|

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anbacetate of lead, applied by separating the nail from the flesh, and

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infants; in epistaxis and chronic coryza; in common and pseudomem^

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Medncal LWg. The black oxide has all the effei^s of the chalybeates

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of persons in health, and has been repeatedly found in the tissues, when


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