either during the attack with the symptoms of collapse, or after one
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salary sufficient for his needs and sufficient to put men of
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entomological box at between 28° and 32° F. for 18 days. They were then transferred
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city which seems to give the tenant rights under the
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I am hoping for in her case. Although there is a tendency to
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dried up, in which case milk sugar (lactosuria), not grape-sugar,
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fissures, (1) sylvian, (2) rolandic or central, (3) parieto-occipital. 3. Three lobes,
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Hospital July 12, 1897. His family history was very
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almost indiscriminately among the mass of his brethren, of the
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logical and Otologlcal Society, in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 2, 1899.
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arteriotomy was performed was less than an inch anterior to this opening.
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condition. Occasionally small patches of ulceration, due to abscess formation
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the soundness of his opinions, and I have no doubt that his opinions are re-
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ration nor administration of the draught, but shall remain igno-
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To give Strength after Illness. — For many cases in which there is pallor, weakness,
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24. Diabetes Mellitus in Children. A. C. Cotton, Chicago.
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l.i. ul. Cdl..n.l I.. I', ^iiiitli. C.-M.C., I'.ln. iiiulcr dill'Mih lii. uni-I,!i:w ^
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