thought he had accidently inhaled during sleep. He had been in the

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and the tubules, followed by comparatively slight epithelial degeneration.

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ing malarial fever, in which all the symptoms pointed

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disinfected, and, when practicable, buried to the satisfaction of the

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the abuse of hasheesh, and 40 more to the combined effects of this drug and

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was such that it was impossible to take her into advisement on her

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Since conqdeting this paper, I have had opportunity

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umented increased frequency, duration or severity of angina on starting PROCARDIA or at the

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sanction of the Privy Council, undertook the charge of Alexander Irvine, of

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in a wine glassful of cold water, night and morning. This was

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acid phosphate or lactate of magnesia. There is every reason

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stocking into the foot may not carry any of the leather into the

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the alkaloid, though it is official. In view of the numerous trade names

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wound, and have yet escaped detection. I would expect that in

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by charity ; and, while voluntary contributions have

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and surgeons of this city, an Esmarch band having been applied around

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surgeons attached to the Boards of Enrollment, with other docu-

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for at least twenty-five years, and that said degree shall be conferred

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Fort Stockton, Fort Conchoara, lastly Fort Mcintosh,

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disorders of speech, especially of the scanning variety, but sometimes

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If intelligently used according to directions, it will CURE

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m., we should refrain from further attempts, as the burning and

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frequent violent flooding attacks — had lost 35 pounds in weight;

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of bis condition seemed to be placed beyond relief from art

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Process of Tanning Calf^ Kip^ and Harness^ in from 6 fo 30

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•61109 Fergusson, Sir W. Lectures on the progress of

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give a temporary relief, which is followed by a reaction

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the present time. It is divided into two parts, the first

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and then getting the horse into a stable, and bathing

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