Fortunately we possess a number of similar publica-

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that following the exhibition of nitrous oxide gas.

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dated Sept. 4] <Pub. Health Rep., U. S. Mar.-Hosp. Serv., Wash., v. 17, pt.

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the incision. The sutures passed into the kidney become

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head, with paleness, denotes, in pneumonia, that suppuration has taken

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Iiesion of the liver, then, has only an importance which is se-

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accomplish expectoration, the matter to be expectorated must admit

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agined were surrounding him, to torment him to death. What, then, are

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As Dr. Brown-Sequard was an eminent physiologist and

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two chromatoidal bars ; 8 microns. (10) Small quadrinucleate cyst with stout

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two forms of albuminuria in private practice. Dr. Tyson, in the

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ing of the skin or subcutaneous tissue. She also had amau-

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closer opportunities of observation might, perhaps, have led them

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A large quantity of acid would easily overcome the feeble

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had severe fever, incessant cough with mucous rale,

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furniture for $150. Must return East. Write quick. All

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present who owned the right. I took out my medicine,

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The rate of the movement of rotation exerts another influence

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These data almost justify us in accepting Claude Bernard's remark-

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Manley, Thomas H., 302 W. 53d St., New York, New York Co. Founder.

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and the obligations of local boards of health, as guardians of

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may not, however, close this enumeration without adding Mr. Wilde's ' Medico-legal

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tion to the size and number of the lesions, provided they are not complicated,

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off from the blood in the enormous and unnatural flux from the

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(<t) An aneurism of the left internal carotid artery with nipture

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two other cases of various forms of aural affections. He remarks

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evident mental affection ; but I do not recognise a general paralysis apart

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collect the facts relating to the state of blood taken from an inebriate in

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prived of its greatest terror, and the patient awakes with a

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time whatever ; in otliers, there will be rather a de-

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Dr. Walter W. Stewart, Chihalis, Wash., graduate class

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If upon such view, personal inquiry, or autopsy, he shall be of

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have noticed the same pheuomenon in acute degenera-

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When a person comes to me, I tell him that he will have to continue under

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at all affected. He attacks Frerichs on account of his assertion

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appear to show that they are not subject in the same degree

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of the later symptoms of malaria, and may or may not be present, as

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analytical balances and the chemical reference library, the


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