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strnction being great. The building is not a> fine as
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heilkunde. Pest, med.-chir. Presse, Budapest, 1888, xxiy,
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covering some thousands of men gave a range in height
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among azotized materials chiefly that morbid poisons, whether of
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ber that one is sure to come down upon the kidney at the place where the lower
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Dr. F. K. Ainsworth has returned from his Eastern trip.
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â– which the sartorius muscle originates. In this way the
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he female, and file its Guaraiit}- ruder The Xew Pure
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anastomotic network around it. At its upper portion the left pneu-
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297. Mr. S. A., Jau. 16,1901. Variety, bronchial; duration,
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watched because it may fail and artificial respiration be again
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more frequently than remote convulsive or neuralgic affections are produced,
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(Cheers.) The report had been sufficiently adopted by the
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Dr. ^ MuKCHisoM referred to the possibility of idiopathic
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at the home of Mrs. John Talbot (Mrs. B. I. Brindley is
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and its probable course it was surmised that the di-
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House of Commons, and moderate and independent political
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In my own cases I removed the shrunken and diseased gall-
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tear oi her soft parts; namely, that at his warning she
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Dudgeon's Bphygmograph is the one most in use in this country.
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From April 1, 1899, till April 1, 1900, the Depart-
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alwa3-s develops itself at the spot to which the poison is applied ; in the
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loured portion in the basin remaining perfectly fluid. This
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Beyond general criticisms, litigating wives, midwives, and judges
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The Retrospect, and The Epitome of Medicine (containing: 1500 octavo page^ per
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twisted as badly as ever, hut gave no inconvenience except in
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by Abrams '* shows that this is true. By irritating the
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The tension of the glaucomatous eye, after removal from the orbit, sinks
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diagnostic or therapeutic, which will suggest themselves to the reader.
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collection made from instrument makers' catalogues, with short descrip-
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four hours' duration was not called for, one hour amply


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