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the fumes could speedily escape, the use of roburite was not harmful to

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The Journal articles based on valid tenets and written by

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the smaller vessels he found thrombi, and in the perivascular lymphatic

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next meal. It is of advantage to these patients to drink a

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Harris, D. D. 1 vol. 8vo. Wells «& Lilly, Boston." A work woulc

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more troubled about my situation than I was myself.

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In nearly all the cases, there was a slight degree of constipation of the

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pulse increases, and the patient is troubled with tormenting

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commonly a period of incubation, during which the patient perhaps

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two sides, is essential. By means of this, what might seem to

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and often sudden death. Occlusion of one of the arteries to

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to catarrh in the lower part of the bowel, with consequent desire for frequent

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Fig. 567. — Amputation of the middle finger: Traction on the finger while the bistoury cuts

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ol the book is devoted to analytical memoranda, containing most useful

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Speaking generally, we find more or less pain, restlessness, cough,

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sometimes a little Paris white, &e. The proportions

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merging into the normal cortex. There was a free space between this new

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wines or liquors, exercising a marked diuretic effect, either by

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is relatively long at birth, and that it has a rather long meso-

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preparation ; the pea and bean class require crushing,

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' Emetics — Medicines that evacuate tRe ffomacfiv

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needed do not necessitate expensive destruction and replacement of

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" If one, hypothetically, desires to be more precise, the original view of

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animals, and its relations to human scarlet fever as a prophylactic.

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applied, is the hot bath. This was proposed by Concetti and has been tried

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though only one gland was affected (a statement which was

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where the swine were allowed to sleep in dusty sheds or

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of intelligence, and what unwillingness to be governed by com-


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