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Preferred pages extra, and must be secured in advance. The best
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we found the associate phrenic passing through the wall of the sub-
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this prohibition unwarranted. In 18 operations there
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" This challenge was repeated on the 12th of August by the Union
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the symptoms on one side is the result of the unequal develop-
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in others, [t may, perhaps, be regarded now ana then as enaemic
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notions of the day, and employ the most ignorant empirics,
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Air, Earth and Water, agrees with all the ancient phi-
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periments. Where actual cost is given it is high, for in the
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medical science cannot be denied, but Welcker 1 refuses
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Hence every man, on an average, has been reported sick once in
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There is no evidence that the giant ganglion cells have an in-
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The nobler metals in a finely divided state, such as gold
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The sleep-procuring action of the bromides is well described. It seems
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canula ; if the pain be great you should use a hypo-
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taking into consideration the action of the collateral circulation, are no
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horated ; and here again I think there is work for the specialist,
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The etiology of pyelitis and pyelonephritis is of very great
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down on the day of his entrance by the house physi-
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6. Physostigmine exerts its action by stimulating the peripheral
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smell of chlorine exciting coughing. Its use should be restricted to the
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moist like that of the hold of a vessel in the tropics. It was thoroughly
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in consequence the Fibula has lifted the Posterior Tibial Artery and
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cially because I would call attention to the fact, that puer-
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that when he had an occasional wakeful night, he felt
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of heat dissipation by evaporation continually increases as more heat
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good foundation for this disease. When these and othei
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Frederick, C. C. Reopening the abdomen tor post-operative septic
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the teeth when not kept properly clean. It is not always easy to
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could never get up. Such patients seldom do well, their


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