apparently is a stable solution which he finds to be free from dan-
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The mortality was 23-3 per 1000 of population-a death-rate
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jointly with his son, Mr. E. Muirhead Little, in 1S82.
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generation of students who have occupied the labora-
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On the other hand, if the same faradic current prove ineffective, the
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Surgeons. The Faculty, one and all, in a body, have re-
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material is taken up by the free germinal matter in the lacteal
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tirely the examination in therapeutics and materia medica
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9,282 deaths, or 34 per cent, of the whole — a decrease of 617
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New York ; " Adenoma of the Fundus Uteri," by Dr. James R.
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Educational Outlook," by Ossian H. Lang, when, of course, the affection has not been
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impulse of the heart's action ; and therewith a clearer sound than
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peremia was begun. The constricting rubber bandage was ap-
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existence in the animals of tuberculosis. This is really
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diseases of whatever name or kind, with wliicli he may be brought in
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literature. For it is an appetite, just as much as strong drink or tobacco creates
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pears that the buildings, together with the garden, arbonry, side and
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ments by an examination of the tongue and conjunctiva?, by
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Disease which may supply an excess of uric acid to the kidney without
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Indeed rheumatism appears more prone to attack the serous
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would only be increased by the dissemination of his
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failures at the pass examination the candidate will be required
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sterilized. He looked upon scurvy as a true toxaemia,
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{a) The preparation of fast dyes for textile fabrics ; (b) the extraction
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experience with the method in the. treatment of urethral
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6. The diffuse exulcerated chancre. This is not in-
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the way of prevention, however, one or two possible courses suggest
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Minn., I am enabled to relate the following case which,
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cervical nerves showed neuritis, while those cut from nerves be-
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No. 6 or 7 (English scale) at the point ; or that as a means of giving additional
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of the hospital, of whose visiting staff he is a member, though
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