Smokeless powders. — Certain chemical compounds possessing

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to the size of a hen's egg. * * * It is, therefore, anatomically impossible

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that he had suffered absolutely no pain whatever. Taylor, in his

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Dr. J. C. Wilson, of Philadelphia, then read a paper on

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extended to the back of the kidneys, but only in front, thus showing that

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6. The bruit persists after labor for various lengths

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destroyed ? This theory logically would contraindi-

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curred in January, I find that the cases were, for the

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6. No other pigment than bile will yield the characteristic green

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counted the beatings of his pulse, and marked their

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crystals. The cells are apparently the epithelial cells of the intestine that have

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Simultaneous Vaccinia and Variola. It was early observed that small-

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tending partly over the foot, causing a considerable amount of

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centres of population to trace back the disease to its source, and to

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pany with Dr. Perrigo. We agreed that we would be justified

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1894. What quantity of this block meat was American I have not ascertained,

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makes a valuable contribution to medical education and

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layer of cells but soon thickens to two to five cells. On its outer surface are

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First, upon the mare's condition when served, depends


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